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Missionaries and their families are heroes as they serve among hard to reach people who are often apathetic and at times hostile to the missionary's message.  These frontline harvest field workers need to know that they have brothers and sisters in local churches who are championing for them.  Being a champion of these missionaries means that you are fighting on their behalf.  As a champion, you will fight to ensure that your missionary is prayed for daily, you will reach out and contact the missionary weekly to learn about their needs, you will join others to pray for the missionary every month, and you will be a constant advocate and encourager in their lives.  


- Commit to pray for your Missionary Partner/Ministry and their family. 


- Contact your Missionary Partner/Ministry and let them know you are thinking of them.  Tell them what's going on in your life.  Ask what you can pray for and share your won prayer requests.  Find out how your Missionary Partner/Ministry best communicates: phone, text, Facebook, Skype, email, WHATSAPP, etc.  Set a reminder on your calendar and determine a good time to connect.  


- Eat tacos and pray for the nations on the first Tuesday of every month.  Monthly, you will attend the Mission Prayer night at to represent your Missionary Partner/Ministry. 


- Send birthday cards to family members and/or a care package.  Set a reminder on your calendar of the specific dates.